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About me

Name:Arturas Gradulevas
Nickname:Not Quite Simple
Zodiac sign:Aquarius ()


Academic degree:Bachelor
Qualification:Informatics / Software Engineering
Institution:Vilnius University
School:Vilnius Vasily Kachalov gymnasium

Favorite things

 – Sports 20%
 – IT 20%
 – Engineering/Creating 20%
 – Music 10%
 – Trips 8%
 – Movies 7%
 – Fishing 7%
 – Shopping 4%
 – Photography 3%
 – Jacuzzi 1%


Best Trip:Mallorca 2013
Countries visited:Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lichtenstein, Mallorca, Monaco, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, UK
Want to visit:Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Brazil


Favorite sport:Football
Playing good:Basketball, Football
Playing:Pool, Volleyball, Ping Pong, Squash, Running, Bowling
Tried:Golf, Frisbee, Darts, Rugby, Baseball
Teams supporting:BC Lietuvos Rytas, Liverpool F.C., San Antonio Spurs


Playing since:1998
Trainings:7 years


Playing since:~2002
Tournaments:Orange Virus, Seskines, Virsulyskiu, Justiniskiu, MIDI Dienos, GADI Dienos,...
Leagues:VKML, SKL

Liverpool F.C.

Nickname:The Reds
Founded:3 June 1892
Tournaments:Anfield (Capacity: 45,522)
League:Premier League (England)
Supporting since:~2003

BC Lietuvos Rytas

Team colors:Black, White and Red
Arena:Siemens Arena (capacity: 11,000)
League:Lithuanian Basketball League (Lithuania)
Supporting since:~2000

San Antonio Spurs

Team colors:Black, Silver, White
Founded:1967 (joined NBA in 1976)
Arena:AT&T Center (capacity: 18,581)
League:NBA (USA)
Supporting since:~2004


Web awards and nominations

Sport achievements

About project

This web site is not only a personal webpage but also a project to make internet in Lithuania a little more interesting. Get inspired by scripts used on this page, make your ideas or use what is made. Feel free to copy anything you want from here or ask how it works.

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Web games

Total games:28
Most played:Alfa
2nd most played:Naughty Classroom
3rd most played:Bloons

Web videos

Total videos:25
Most watched:[RU] И через тысячу лет...
2nd:Batelco - INFINITY
3rd:Why men and women can't be friends

Web photos

Total galleries:3
Total photos:70
Most viewed:Gallery "Ideas"

Web apps and scripts

Part of the web that is still under construction. I've found some interesting scripts in internet and wrote my own. As soon as possible i'll put them all here

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