Super Mario

Nieko nereikia aiškinti, ir taip visi žino :D


Appears to be not easy at all

Ultimate Flash Sonic

Legendary SEGA game


Funny interesting game with all different levels


Takes away some nerves until completed

Nex Game

True office game!

Naughty Classroom

Naughty game

Park My Car

Check your parking skills


Great Game!!! A bit CS like :) Still can't go far enough

Blast Billiards

More interesting than just billiards


Popular game, even within mobile apps

Flash Element TD

Build towers to kill enemy. Like it!

Yeti Sports 1

Pingu Throw. Personal best 320.5

Yeti Sports 3

Seal Bounce. Personal best 457.31

Yeti Sports 4

Albatross Overload

Yeti Sports 5

Flamingo drive

Santa's Chimney Trouble

Build the path for Santa

Tennis Game

Not easy one

Puyo Roll

Mouse game

The missile game 3d

Took a lot to complete qualifications, no chances for level one :)


Mouse game

The Classroom

How well can you cheat?


Move blocks to build path and complete level

A.L.I.A.S. ep3

Action/adventure game

Ball Trap

Who can do all the levels?


Very very simple

Air Hockey

Not easy at all, that's why more interesting

The Maze

Grand maze